Monday, August 14, 2017

[hobby] Warhammer 40k – Expanding my Necron Elite

8th edition really opened up build possibilities for Necrons. Despite the Index being somewhat overcosted I'm thrilled to be able to play with so many different strategies and builds.

With this in mind, I needed to expand my Lychguard with 5 more models:

And I also build this guy to counts-as Kutlakh from FW. 

I really wanted to make a huge Necron sword and I felt that he was the character to wield it. I also gave him a wraith-like lower body to really make him alien and menacing, mounting on a raised platform to he can stand tall amongst his Lychguard and look great on the table!

[hobby] Warhammer 40k - Chaos Demons progress

I haven't had much time for posting news, but I've been slow and steadily progressing with my wife's Chaos forces. Some pieces below.

A Giant Chaos Spawn made for a mix of Reaper Bones figures and then some modelling on my part.

A Tzeench High-sorceress (counts-as Herald of Tzeench). The GW line really lacks on female characters and Tzeench offers a good opportunity to add some. She'll have a flying young dragon swirling around her robes as well. The model is a headswapp of some sort of mummy and a drow queen from Reaper Bones.

My version of the Changeling. I love the official model but I had this cool Bones figure and wanted to save a few bucks, it came out just great and well... anything really can fit that character.

Another Herald of Tzeench. This one was a Pink Horror who was in Kairos Fateweaver's pocket as he was cast into the well of eternity. He suffered a similar fate to that of Kairos grew two vulture heads just like him. Unfortunately, unlike the wizened Lord of Change, this poor fella only talks non-sense, but one head speaks everything the other does, only spelling everything backwards.

Friday, August 4, 2017

[hobby] Warhammer 40k - Necron C'tan, the Deceiver

I've been hit by a sudden inspiration and assembled and painted my old Deceiver model.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

[40k] Necron Army Showcase - Dakhma Dynasty on Rumble III

I had the privilege to play at the Rumble in the Jungle III 40k event organized by the Painting Frog

It was a farewell event to 7th edition. My list was as follows:
  • Decurion
    • Reclamation Legion
      • Overlord on CCB (WS/PS)
      • 5 Gauss Immortals
      • 10 Warriors
      • 10 Warriors
      • 3 Tesla Tomb Blades (SL/SV)
      • 3 Tesla Tomb Blades (SL/SV)
    • Canoptek Harvest
      • Canoptek Spyder
      • 3 Canoptek Wraiths (TB)
      • 4 Canoptek Scarabs
  • Combined Arms Detachment
    • Destroyer Lord (PS/Mastercrafted WS)
    • Sentry Pylon (FDR)
    • Sentry Pylon (FDR)
    • Sentry Pylon (FDR)
    • 5 Tesla Immortals 
    • 5 Gauss Immortals
    • Void Shield Generator (3x void shields)

I was able to secure 2nd place as best general, 1st place as most impressive army and that net me the General Champion of the event trophy!

Here are some more pictures of my army.

My objective #1 is Baby Wraith, he likes to hang around with his pet scarabs.

Nassayan the Destroyer Lord, responsible for leading the charge with his Wraith escort under the overview of Autharok.

Autharok on his Reaper Raiment was eager to oversee the tests of his new artillery pieces.

Dakhma Immortals with Tesla to hold back objectives on my end of the table.

The mandatory Warrior horde of the Reclamation Legion. These guys never fail to suck up damage and in one game managed to tie several Tau suits with Commander Farsight for three rounds!

The Dakhma Blades are essential to capture objectives across the table, even charging into combat to tie in dangerous foes.

The zealous Canoptek Lamprey keeps a close watch on the other constructs.

The pride of the legion: The three Canoptek Tentillas (sentry pylons counts-as) with Focused Death Rays. By far the most killer pieces of the entire tournament, point-by-kill.

The Void Shield Generator to keep my beauties safe.

Round 1 vs Blood Angels
Total Victory

MVP: Pylons, eating away the entirey of his armor and the contents within.

Memorable moment: Immortals glancing down the Dread.

Round 2 vs Innari
Total Victory

MVP: Scarabs tying up his deathstar for most of the game.
Second MVP: A Tyranid spire that funneled his Deathstar into scarab wall!

Memorable Moment: Splitting his forces across the table to deny Soulburst actions and my opponent complaining that I hadn't killed any of his units at key points to deny that as well!

Round 3 vs Space Marines
Total Defeat

MVP: Autharok on his Reaper Raiment, charging again and again to try and keep some slim chance of victory after losing all three artillery pieces on round 1.

Memorable moment: That initial bike engagement. It caught me by surprize and cost me the game. Well played Khan!

Round 4 vs Black Templars
Total Victory

MVP: Sentry Pylons, eating all his soft armor support (land raiders are tough) and clearing away every last one of the Black Templar assault mob.

Memorable Moment: Nassayan Charge on assault Terminators, cutting them down to the last man in a single round of combat.

Round 5 vs T'au
Total Victory

MVP: Void Shield Generator for eating the entirety of his first round of shooting and forcing Farsight and his Killsquad to deal with it on Turn 2.

Memorable moment: Turn 2 Necron Assault Phase when every warrior available multi-charged several Tau Suits, negating their threat, at the same time the two Tomb Blade units across the field charged even more T'au suits. We remaigned locked in combat to the very end.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

[batrep] Warhammer 40k 7th - Necrons vs Innari

We have ruled the galaxy once... 
we will do so again!

My Necrons are ready for the tournament at Rumble III - O império contra Thrakka.

It'll be a swiss round tournament on Warhammer 7th edition with modified rules similar to ITS.

The Dakhma Dynasty has mustered new units from its tombworlds to face the challenges ahead. Mainly, I added a whole minnimum for a Canoptek Harvest and a Judicator Battalion, plus a few Destroyers.

Here's the massed 1850pts of Necrons I'll be taking to the tournament:

The Destroyer lord leads the Canoptek Wraith unit across the battlefield.

My Zealous Tomb Spider bursts forth from the Ground with repair sub-routines. In the background, the Canoptek Tentilla heavy artillery piece.

The Dakhma Judicators, a caste of warrior-crypteks that wield the fearsome Rod of the Covenants and oversee that the Canoptek constructs oft he Dynasty are performing as intended on the battlefield.

Dakhma Immortals are the elite infantry of the army.

Autharok on his Reaper Raiment commands the forces of Dakhma at the very front of the battle.

The Dakhma Stalker and Heavy Destroyers secure the backline and provide supporting fire for the foot infantry in the mid-field.

Dakhma Canoptek Scarabs show the progress and experiments of the Dakhma Crypteks in their search of the perfect killing machine.

Nasayan, the reaper is the fearsome leader of the Destroyer Cult of Dakhma.

Necrons vs Innari – A new face to an old enemy

Autharok's gaze was cold and unmoving as it screened the ruins of the city. Scuttling towards him, the cryptek explained that they call themselves Aeldari now and had brought in some sort of new warp-born god into reality.

"It is of no consequence – the booming voice of the Overlord filled the air in stactic – their fate is locked in my grasp, they will be reaped just as has been foretold." With a wide swing of his arms he streched the limits of his Reaper Raiment. Part-armor, part machine, the spindlky augumented arms swung above his shoulders, protuding from the machine with viciously long claw-shaped fingers."