Monday, June 19, 2017

Army Showcase – Warbarrel - Junho 2017

Dark Angels (Fred)

 Tyranids (Vitor) vs Ultramarines (Alex) and Imperial Knights (Alex)

Hadross (Vitor)

Space Wolfs (Bitten)

Goritsi (Paulo) vs Hadross (Vitor)

Necrons (Arthur) vs Innari (Vitor)

Necrons (Arthur) 

Monday, May 29, 2017

[hobby] Warhammer 40k - Necron Destroyers done!

I've finihsed the two Heavy Destroyers and the Destroyer Lord! I did a last-minute change to him and added the extra sword. I think it adds character and makes he feel very menacing like this. I also made it so his Grav-platform is reeling back to simulate him stopping at the last minute to deliver his sword cut!

I've also finihsed assembling the last remaining five Praetorians.

I'm holding back from finishing the Stalker and Scarabs because I fear I'll run out of Blue Wassh. So tense! I've already ordered some, but getting things delivered to Brazil is always prone to nasty surprizes!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

[hobby] Warhammer 40k - Necron Army progress

The praetorian forge is hot as ever cranking out the second unit.

I'm also finishing more scarabs, a necron Destroyer Lord and Heavy Destroyer and the Triarch Stalker. I'm getting everyone to the pre-wash status as I'm running out of the Blue Shade from Vallejo and have to both maximize its use and make sure I get the most impacted miniatures washed first. That means the Stalker may sit unfinished for a while as I think it's more important to have a consistent look throughout my infantry line.